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Introducing the

X-Poze-ing Music

Welcome the XMAs

The X-Poze-ing Music Awards is an official awarding event for unsigned artists. For over 7 years the X-Poze-ing Music Awards have been determined to recognize unsigned artists, singers, bands, and poets. There are so many musicians with talent who create studios out of basements, bedrooms, garages, etc. Musicians who sit for hours mixing their music while waiting for their break. We would like to recognize them.

The X-Poze-ing Music Awards dedicates the time and effort to give artists the recognition they deserve. 

One key note: we want artists to know that, you might not have a household name, but your music can be just as good as the artists you hear on popular radio stations and television shows. Your hard work and energy deserves a spotlight.

R&B Platinum Recording Artist

Spotlight Artist of the Year


Spotlight Artist of the Year

Will be honored at the

X-Poze-ing Music Awards 2022 LIVE & will make a special guest appearance

unnamed (11).jpg


Sparkle, the validating voice of Lifetime’s culturally defining moment

‘Easy’ the first official single from her upcoming EP “Obstacle Course.”


We invite you to submit your music.

We invite you to submit your music. Whether in a band, duo, or a solo act, you can submit for the X-Poze-ing Music Awards and have the opportunity to be recognized for your achievement(s). 
It is very easy to submit. Artists can apply monthly, there's no limit on the amount of submissions, and the artist with the most 'wins' at the end of the year will be honored with a grand prize!
We accept all genres of music and submission types include: Songs, Albums, Music Videos, and Live Performance Videos. If you are nominated, let your friends, family, and fans know that they can be involved in the process and to vote!
Are you ready to perform? We would love to have you perform on our platform at the upcoming X-Poze-ing Music Awards. Apply today!

XMA Featured on Daytime Chicago


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