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XMA Voting Poll
2023 Main Event

The X-Poze-ing Music Awards Voting is an annual event that honors the best in innovative and diverse music. Established in 2004, the awards are the only awards that are voted on by the public at large. Voting is open to anyone, regardless of where they are located in the world, and votes can be cast through the official X-Poze-ing Music Awards website.

The voting process allows fans to select their favorite artists and albums in a variety of categories. Some of the categories include Best Songs, Best Live Performance Videos, Best Music Videos, and Best Albums. 

Voting polls for the X-Poze-ing Music Awards are typically open for one week after each voting period is announced. During this time, fans can cast their votes and follow their favorite artists to see if they have been nominated. Once the voting period is over, the voting results are tallied and the awards are claimed at and/or presented at the X-Poze-ing Music Awards annual ceremony.

The X-Poze-ing Music Awards are an important event in the music industry and an opportunity for fans to show their support for their favorite artists. It is an exciting event that honors the most innovative and diverse music and recognizes the hard work of all the artists and albums that are nominated.

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