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February 2023 Online Winners

Congratulations to all winners of the X-Poze-ing Music Awards-February 2023 Online Event! This event stands to recognize the TOP voted artists in their respected categories.




XMA 2.2023b AWARD MP10CK-RW51079.jpg

Claim Your Award

Please fill out the form below to claim your award.

NOTE: Only listed winners can claim an award. Text on awards will vary, causing the award to look slightly different, depending upon information provided.

  • Use the right-side bar, inside the form, to scroll down the form.

  • Please do not put in information that does not apply to you. Listing extra information on the form will only delay the process of receiving your award.

  • The information that is listed on the form is what will be applied for claiming the award.

  • If you won more than one award, you must adjust quantity to claim the amount of awards that you won.

  • Please allow 6-8 weeks, after deadline, for award arrival.

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